The toughest race with the warmest heart. 

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If you are an experience trail runner then this new trail route with beautiful fynbos and spectacular views is an absolute must run.


No wonder we’re known as, “The toughest race with the warmest heart.”



The Journey in the Heuningberg local nature reserve starts on High School Bredasdorp Sport Grounds making its way to the western foothills of the nature reserve. 

For the first kilometre, the “speed-goats” will have the opportunity to sort out the pecking order on jeep track followed by a 300m stretch of tarmac before entering the mountain trails on the traditional single-track footpath.   Proceed to cross the stream on the wooden bridge and turn left directly after the bridge.  Stay on the foothills just behind the houses for the next kilometre, proceed on the dirt road for another kilometre and turn left onto the wide trail at the fenced Sami Hall pump station.  You’ll turn right at the fork in the trail, climbing steadily for ±146m.  The athletes will be entering one of the most beautiful and adventurous gorges (“Needle Eye”) with the sighting of indigenous fynbos to set the scene for what to expect the rest of the journey.  This section includes quicksand and multiple stream crossings.

At the 6 km point, the footpaths will take the athletes up the mountain (289m total ascent).  Around the 11 km mark, there will be a water station.  From there is a 7km out-and-back section to the radar station on top of Soetmuisberg, which is the highest point of the course.  At that point athletes will be treated with the most stunning and pristine outlook over the southern part of the Cape Agulhas region, looking over Elim, Suiderstrand and Struisbaai.  The trail comes back to the same water station and proceeds on a beautiful ridgeline single track.

Running on the ridge of the cliff you will enjoy the unspoiled beauty of this part of the world.  At the T-juction on the single-track, go right and after 100m right again.  This single track will take you around the southern side of the small hill.  What follows is a lovely, winding trail down the mountain.  At the bottom of the hill you’ll take a right, continue 30m and then sharp left towards the town at the planted map board.  Keep on the single track, cross the paved jeep track with the burnt veld on your right and the fynbos on your left.  Join the jeep track towards the west and go right around the small hill, cross the jeep track and proceed on the zig-zag single track behind the hospital.  At the bottom you’ll turn right towards the High School where you’ll finish.

Next up the footpaths leading down to finish back on the High School Bredasdorp Sport Grounds.


You have 5 hours to finish this race. The final cut-off is 12:00 at the finish.



High School Bredasdorp Sport Grounds.


The race starts at 7:00.

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22 & 23 Sep 2023

Number collection

Number collection will take place at the store you selected on the entry form on Thursday 21 September 2023 from 12:00 until 17:00.

Number collection will also take place on Friday 22 September 2023 at Bredasdorp

High School sport grounds from 14:00 until 21:00 and Saturday 23 September 2023 from 04:00.


Resources for Runners

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Hero Racing Stories

During 2018, amputee athlete Xolani Luvuno completed the full Voet van Afrika marathon.

What an amazing race. Will definitely return. Thank you Bredasdorp for your hospitality.

Tracey van Niekerk