Voet van Afrika

The toughest race with the warmest heart. 

Looking back

Making a marathon ‘green’

doesn’t happen overnight

It takes planning.

But it’s important – especially for the Voet van Afrika Marathon. Why? Because when you run here, you’ll be running through natural Fynbos landscapes that are home to a number of endangered species. Some species stand on the brink of extinction. Others are simply awe-inspiring.

Connect with nature


For many runners, this is why they run. It’s their opportunity to reconnect with nature, to let the natural beauty carry them through a tough race.

The Voet van Afrika team takes this greening role seriously. Every year, we’ll implement more innovative green steps, as we strive to compete with South Africa’s greenest races.

For 2022, we’ve taken the following steps:

We’ll be recycling all our cups and water sachets.

We’ll put out bins for water sachets and cups at all our water points – so that runners can throw their sachets in these (as opposed to dropping them on the roads).

A team collects the sachets along the road after the race (although we still encourage runners to rather keep sachets until they see a bin at all our water points).

We also recycle gently-used clothing that is discarded on the race to those in need.

And we donate any unused food to those in need.

As a runner, what can you do to go green on your race?


  • Try not to litter. Deposit sachets and your energy gel packs, etc. in the bins provided;
  • Better yet, bring your own reusable water bottle (you can mix your powdered sports drink in them);
  • Try to combine your transport down to the Overberg, a nice way to reduce the carbon footprint;
  • Recycle your number and other paper and plastic goods linked to the race;
  • Donate your old running shoes (if you don’t want to re-use them for gardening etc.);
  • And ENJOY the beauty of our special natural world during your run.


Resources for Runners

A must run race for the whole family!!

Beulah Philander Gerbach